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Introducing Corporate Canvas!

No business ever stays exactly the same throughout its lifetime. As market conditions, customer demands, and technology has changed, we too feel the need to adapt to stay relevant and keep growing.

After 10 years of providing quality corporate wear in the Australian and New Zealand market, we have witnessed a change of our customer’s needs and now over 50% of our core business is focused on custom-make uniforms. This is an evolution in our company which has been driven organically by the market, and our success can be attributed to the fact that we do custom-make corporate wear very well.

We now believe that our custom make business has grown to be such a strength in our company that we must focus on it as a separate and devoted brand, namely, Corporate Canvas.

With Corporate Canvas, you have access to:

  • over 900 fabrics in our online library;

  • 25 ready-to-use garment blocks;

  • garment illustrations and design support on all custom make proposals;

  • MOQ's starting from just 100 units; and

  • quick turn-around of bulk production in our own ethical factory.

Start exploring now!


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